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On this page you'll find general information about our pricing. Due to the nature of the business it's not exactly possible to list our prices here as they fluctuate from vehicle to vehicle and day to day so give us a call for an accurate quote.

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Tucson Party Bus Prices

As we said earlier, we are unable to provide exact pricing due to the nature of the business. Price fluctuates due to the date, time, season, gas prices, and more. As you can see it would be hard to narrow down all of those values in order to give a general pricing guideline. Another factor involved in our pricing is the fact that we have an entire fleet of beautiful vehicles to choose from. The easiest way to get an accurate quote is to call us and tell us exactly what your needs are.

We will start, however, by telling you how you can save money when booking a party bus. If you book on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, you'll save quite a bit as those are our least expensive days of the week. Saturdays are obviously our most expensive, and Friday and Sunday fall somewhere in between, with Friday generally being a bit more expensive than Sunday. Of course the price change isn't so substantial that you should look to move your birthday party to a Tuesday night to save money. If you are looking to save a few dollars, however, that is an option.

Party Bus Over Time Rates

For the most part we do not charge extra fees for anything except trips that are more than 50 miles outside of our service area. The reason we charge a service charge for that is because of the extra fuel costs associated with traveling that distance. You'll know that ahead of time if it is the case so worry not. You should be happy to know that we do not charge an inflated rate for overtime costs. We just continue to charge you at the same rate that we already agreed to. Those hourly rates are calculated in fifteen-minute increments, so you never pay for more time than you use.

Tucson Party Bus most definitely delivers in regards to transportation in Tucson. If you're not sure if it fits your budget, just give us a call and we'll be happy to give you a 100% risk free quote for your big event. We think you'll be pleasantly surprised by how affordable we are, and when we pick you up, you'll be even more surprised by the incredibly high quality service and attention to detail that we offer. Professional chauffeurs, gorgeous buses, and a night on the town unlike any other!





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